December 1, 2023
Tanasha Hatharasingha

Tanasha Hatharasingha is a Sri Lankan actress who is best known for appearing in the film The Rainbow. She acted alongside Roshan Ranawana because film.

Tanasha Hatharasingha is born upon February 12, 1991 in Sri Lanka. Find out more about her including her Net Worth, age, Height and more.


Tanasha Hatharasingha is a Sri Lankan actress. She came into importance for her role in the film The Rainbow back in 2016.

As per numerology, Tanasha Hatharasingha’s Life Path Number is 9. Individuals with this number are always trying to find new experiences, education and learning, and also deep conversations.

They are likewise very great at soft-power tactics, carefully and politely encouraging others to their point of sight. However, they do not like to distressed others by saying with them.

If you are interested in discovering more about Tanasha Hatharasingha, we recommend you have a look at her birth chart (natal graph). A birth chart is a map that reveals where earths were at the moment of a person’s birth, in addition to their worldly positionings and also aspects. It is an effective tool that can reveal a whole lot regarding a person’s individuality as well as style.

Total assets

Tanasha Hatharasingha is a Sri Lankan actress that is best recognized for showing up in the motion picture The Rainbow. Her amusing comical performance in this movie made her a star and also she’s still going solid. She’s also had a hand in revitalizing the hit TV series X Element in its existing incarnation, and is thought about to be one of the leading lights in the Sri Lankan showbiz scene.

Tanasha is a lucky girl when it comes to wealth and monetary safety and security, as she is approximated to have a web worth of over $1 Million tanasha hatharasingha boyfriend. She is also an extremely prominent social media celebrity with a remarkable eponymous Instagram account.


Tanasha Hatharasingha is a Sri Lankan actress that is best known for her function in the film The Rainbow. She was born on July 6, 1994 in the country of Sri Lanka and has a life path variety of 9.

Her zodiac sign is Aquarius, and also her spirit animal is Goat. As a life path number 9, she is always on a mission to satiate her pressing crave development and new experiences.

She is likewise a charm influencer and entrepreneur. She has a big complying with on Instagram.

She dated East Africa’s most effective bongo vocalist, Ruby Platnumz prior to the connection went south. In spite of the break up, she came out stronger as well as a lot more popular than ever in the past.


Tanasha Hatharasingha is a Sri Lankan actress that is best known for her role in the film The Rainbow. She represented the component of Nishani as well as has actually gained over 460,000 followers on her eponymous Instagram account.

She is also a wise businesswoman, having actually renegotiated a number of agreements over the years. She is a big believer in the power of good customer support as well as takes pride in her work.

She is likewise a pleased member of the International Room Culture and was a guest speaker at a NASA meeting in 2009 tanasha hatharasingha net worth. Her astrology birth graph (additionally called her natal chart or horoscope) consists of a few awesome planetary positionings and facets, and we will certainly explore them done in this message. We’ll additionally inform you what her zodiac sign is, her sunlight indicator, and also the occult science of astrology.


Tanasha Hatharasingha was born on July 6, 1994 in Sri Lanka. Her Life Path Number is 9 and also she has an Individual Year number 2. They are additionally extremely enthusiastic about their work, and they are anxious to improve themselves by finding out from the experiences they have had.