December 1, 2023

When it comes to keeping a stable and comfy environment for turtles nothing helps more than a solid UVB light. Ultraviolet light rays play an important role in the turtle’s activity, mood, breeding, and feeding.

There are tones of UV lights available in the market and online. You must choose a UVB light depending on the specie of your turtle. The normal light bulb installed in the turtle aquarium can only help to provide heat to your turtle, that’s why for all other needs of your turtle you need a UVB light bulb.

The lightning plays a significant role in turtle habitat.  best substrate for turtles need lights for warmth and to maintain their circadian rhythms. UVB light helps turtles to produce vitamin D3 to make use of the calcium. If turtles are deprived of UVB light for long, it may lead to problems like immunity, stress, weak shell, and metabolic bone disease.

Today we will break down the multiple options for the best UVB lights available so you can have the best one for your little reptilian friend. Please note that the UVB light bulb source degrades over time but its visible light output can remain the same for over 12 months. The UVB light should be replaced every six to eight months. The wattage of your UVB light source should be per your turtle needs and age.

Name of the Product Wattage UVB


Mega Ray mercury vapor bulb 26 W 5%
Zoo Med Reptisun 13/100 W 10%
Zilla Slimline Tropical 15 W 3%
Everygreen Pet Supplies 100 W 3%


Mega ray mercury vapor bulb has been my personal favorite for a long time. They provide an ample amount of both UVA and UVB light and comes with a 6-months warranty. Trust me your turtles will love them. Mega rays bulbs are long-lasting but a little expensive. No good thing comes without a price.

Zoo med turtle lamps are slightly cheaper than the mega ray bulbs but nearly as good. They produce sufficient UVB light for your turtle and typically last around a year.

The Zilla Slimline tropical is a solid choice for your turtle’s UVB light source. It is a fluorescent bulb with a special socket and provides sufficient UVB light for your turtle’s growth.

Everygreen Pet Supplies has surely covered all the basics for you and your little turtle. It comes with huge 100 Watt power and is the best suitable for big tanks and them big green reptile fellas.

In, conclusions there are numerous kinds of light bulbs with different shapes and features, but if they are on our list you can rest assured that they are safe to use.