April 21, 2024
What are roof cargo box accessories?

When you buy what will be your car for many years (as far as possible), you cannot count on all possible use cases. That is, one buys a car to use it by the city on errands and daily activity; to go to and from work, which is at a reasonable distance; to work, a mixture between urban and interurban use. The options are multiple, so it can be the case that the car we buy falls short on specific occasions, and we need an extra storage to be able to leave, for example, on vacation.

Among the options available to expand the load capacity of the car, is the roof rack, an element that began as a simple structure of bars accommodated in the roof of the car, and that has evolved towards the chests, more practical, with less freedom to the time to store objects, but more aerodynamic and safe, because they are totally closed. How to place the load on the roof rack (or inside the chest)?

We must clarify that the chest, or trunk, is installed on the roof, so in any case you must install that structure first. We will choose the chest if what we are going to transport fits inside, while if we have to transport something that objectively does not fit inside the box, it will have to be Striptease Barcelona accommodated on the roof, that is, taking into account the maximum measures allowed by law.

Roof cargo box accessories:

To know how to transport the load and if it can, or not, stand out from the projection on the vehicle (that is, not protruding beyond the limits of the vehicle), we refer to the corresponding section, but we must bear in mind that, in the general case, the load must not exceed those limits of the projection on the floor. If we are moving and the load is indivisible (for example, a mattress, or a very long ribbon) it would be a special case that should be consulted.

When we go on vacation we do not usually take a mattress, so in most practical cases of daily life, just place the objects correctly on the roof, although our first preference would be to carry that load always in the chest. First, because the trunk is more aerodynamic and allows us to carry the cargo confined, with no need to tie it or hold it with an octopus. And second, because placing the trunk on the roof is very simple, and that avoids additional problems.

To place, in any case, the load on the roof rack we should think that the biggest and heaviest objects should go as low and back as possible, and it is better to distribute the entire load the more at the base of the roof, the better. The idea is that the center of gravity of the car does not rise too much, so that’s why it’s better to carry a few things up, or that they are not too heavy. For all this the roof cargo box accessories are necessary!