April 21, 2024

The roof chests improve the aerodynamics with respect to carrying the load directly on the luggage racks, reducing consumption, noise and aerodynamic drag. They are safer by subject and by the smaller possibility that the load leaves flying in a blow of wind.But the chests are more expensive, although they have come down a lot in price. To the price of the transversal bars, it is necessary to add the own chest, whose price varies according to its size, characteristics, and quality.The roof cargo box for cars is a very practical solution to increase the load capacity in trips. Of course, require some care when riding, fill and drive with them that we tell you here.

The roof chests allow you to carry more luggages in the car and more safely than the old roof racks since the cargo goes in a closed compartment and protected from wind, rain or prying eyes. But it is still necessary to take some care when it comes to riding it, loading it and when driving with it. You have left the small car for long family trips or simply are not willing to have a bigger car than you need throughout the year just to have the capacity to make one or two long trips a year.  Well it is important is to fix the bars well so that they do not fly away, like placing the cassette completely longitudinal to the gear.

To check that the chest is straight, stand in front of or behind the car, but about 8 meters away, you will see better if it is straight or not.And is that the growth in the size of the different segments has led us to a compact five-door hatchback body with space and enough luggage for a family of four … Unless you travel with more than one suitcase person, there we already find limitations. Roof cargo box for cars offers a simple and quick assembly on the roof rails of the vehicle. The finishes offered by this model are impeccable, taking care of even the smallest detail. It is a truly broad model, resistant and with many possibilities to enjoy travels.

There are two drastic solutions; one is to buy a large car, very large, more than what you need for the rest of the year. This usually means a larger outlay, more consumption and also less agility and limitations when parking or moving between urban traffic. The other is clear, carry only the essentials and make do with what fits in the trunk.But it’s not about making sacrifices or dealing with a bigger car than we like; there are other solutions to carry that entire luggage that does not fit in the car when you go on vacation. Sure you know them and even use some of them, but it is worth giving a review to each of them and evaluates their advantages